Some of what we do!

  • Provide filmmaking training and workshops

    #yegfilm has recently started the "#yegfilm Writing Academy" in which filmmakers can learn how to tell the best stories they can.

  • Make films!

    We make films! The image above was taken on a short film set that was shot in a few hours -- late on a Tuesday night. Suprisingly there were a ton of volunteers interested in helping out, and the film was shown at Mostly Water Metro Shorts where it tied for 3rd place.

  • Make more films!

    This is a still from our short GRAPHIC EQUIPMENT. We shot this film in three hours. Practice is important in filmmaking, so #yegfilm provides low cost ways to get experience making films, and we are not afraid to make mistakes!

  • Even more films!

    This is a set photo from our project GOOD VIDEO. This was a great shoot -- even though it was a night shoot this was by far our biggest crew. We learned a lot on this set, and can't say thanks enough to everyone who was willing to forgo sleep to help make a film.

  • Adam Bentley discusses his film Luke's Kitchen with the other attendees at the June #yegfilm meeting

    Q&A with local filmmakers

    In the picture above, Adam Bentley talks to attendees at the June #yegfilm meeting about his documentary film Luke's Kitchen.

  • Collaborate with other filmmakers

Where we meet!

  • Startup Edmonton

    We are lucky to be able to work with Startup Edmonton as a space for various #yegfilm events.

  • The Mercer Building

    The historic Mercer Building is located at 10363 104 Street in downtown Edmonton. It houses several startup and design companies, as well as a tavern and coffee house. This facility is a wonderful location to get together and meet other local filmmakers in person to find that next project to get working on!